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Hero Benefits

There really is no better way to buy a new car - Car Hero + 1300 28 28 21

Hero Benefits

At the Hero + Group, our awesome service doesn't just stop as soon as you have used:

Car Hero +

Finance Hero +

Insurance Hero +

We keep adding benefits long after you become one of our Heroes.

Introducing our Hero + Benefits!  Here we offer specially negotiated discounts exclusively for our existing customers.  Our Hero + Benefits area access code is located in your welcome pack, or message us today to unlock some awesome savings!  Enjoy the savings and thanks for being part of our business!


These offers are limited to customers who:

  • have purchased and had delivered a vehicle through Car Hero +; or
  • have signed up and completed a finance arrangement through Finance Hero +; or
  • have purchased a policy of insurance through Insurance Hero +.

10% off time and kilometres!

Available at 18 locations across Queensland.

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10% off all your auto-electrical accessories and labour!

Hot Wired Auto Electrical

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