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Getting you the best trade in valuation!

Arranging your trade appraisal

Often when you come to buy a new car, you have your old car to trade in as part of the sale.  But it is in the interest of the car dealer to offer you the lowest trade in price they can to maximise their profit on your new vehicle purchase.

Car Hero + can handle your trade in valuation as part of your purchase to get you the maximum money for your used car.  How do we do this?  The same way we tender for your new car, we can also tender your trade in. We can offer it to multiple wholesalers and dealers to get you the best price.

All without you even having to leave the house or muck around with listing your car for sale online!

Enter the details of your trade in below and we will arrange your trade in valuation as part of your new car purchase.

But what if I'm not buying a new car?

No problem! If you aren't in the market for a new car right now, subject to your car's age and condition, your used car might still be of interest to our network of used car buyers. So send through the details below and let's find out!


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